Owl's Head

Owl’s Head: Get it While You Can

Owl’s Head in the eastern Adirondacks on the edge of the High Peaks is a classic family hike. It’s also about to be closed. Let me explain.

Perfect for a child’s first hike or a relaxed family outing, with a summit that delivers much more than the easy investment in a short climb, Owl’s Head has become too popular for it’s own good.

Early this hiking season, cars parked on the private road that leads to the the trailhead blocked traffic. The owners of the private land that hosts most of the trail lost patience with what has certainly become a frustrating problem. The decided that this season will be the last for the hike and they restricted access to weekdays.

For more about the controversy and a possible longterm solution, read “Owls Head hike in Keene closed on weekends” in the Adirondack Enterprise.

So take a day off work and hike Owl’s Head while you can. Next year will be too late. And if I know the DEC, it will take them some time to get a new trail to the peak organized.

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