Rainy Day Fun at Camp

You’ve got one week of Adirondack vacation … and it rains. Sound like a nightmare?

Well, if you are stuck in a tent, it could be tough to turn a flood into fun. Even in a cottage, cabin or camp, you might be tempted to throw the kids into the car and head for the nearest mall.

Don’t. Rain can be a fun opportunity. Looking on the bright side of cloudy weather is a necessity this summer, when it seems to have rained every other day.

Some of my fondest memories are sitting on the porch watching a thunderstorm race across the lake. The rain comes in waves, the metal camp roof reverberates, the thunder adds drama. Get me some popcorn and it’s better than a movie.

So here are some suggestions to help you deal with a rainy day at camp:

  • Is it an all day drizzle? If there is no thunder, get outside. You can swim in the rain, kayak in the rain, play in the rain. Afraid to get your feet wet? Wear water shoes. Hey, at least you won’t have to worry about the deer flies.
  • Staying indoors? Bring along some card and board games. My favorite is Uno: easy enough for a kid to play with enough strategy to interest and adult.

    Brigid finishes a puzzle we started during a rainy weekend at camp.

    Brigid finishes a puzzle we started during a rainy weekend at camp.

  • When was the last time you put together a puzzle. Personally, I don’t have the patience. But for the right kid, puzzle will become the kind of engrossing fun that lasts all day.
  • Why not cook something special and fun. A memorable meal can spice up a rainy day.
  • Feeling creative? Put on a concert, a skit, a show. I’m sure there is a piano, a guitar or a penny whistle handy. I bring uke to camp for rainy day play.

Have your own rainy day ideas? Let me know. In the meantime, here’s hoping your skies are clear.

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