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Loving the Olympics and Adirondacks

Because I am someone who loves the Adirondack outdoors, I also love the Winter Olympics. Why?

Skiing, skating, sledding … these are the most Adirondack of organized sports. Our mountains, lakes and valleys are ready made for downhill, skating and cross-country.

Heck, we’ve had two Olympics in Lake Placid, near the heart of the High Peaks.


And we have plenty of Adirondack Olympians busy in Pyeongchang, South Korea, including:

  • Biathletes Lowell Bailey of Lake Place, Tim Burke of Lake Placid and Maddie Phaneuf of Old Forge
  • Sledders Chris Mazdzer from Saranac Lake, Codie Bascue of Whitehall and Erin Hamlin of Remsen
  • Downhill skiers Tommy Biesemeyer of Keene and Andrew Weibrecht of Lake Placid
  • Hockey player Jordan Greenway of Canton.


But something new and growing has me even more enamored of the Olympics in 2018: Girl Power.

This year, more women are stars, role models and compelling stories. From Chloe Kim to  Mikaela Shiffrin, powerful, interesting women are throughout this Olympics.

And as an Adirondack Dad of daughters, that makes me happy.


Want to follow Olympic news with an Adirondack connection? North Country Public Radio is doing an excellent job with their Tumblr Special Report.

Are you a winter sports neophyte who is inspired by the Olympics to get out and have some snowy, icy, cold fun? Check out SportsEngine.

I’d give you more links, but I think a hockey game is about to start. Or better yet, curling.

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