Brigid geocaching on Baker Mountain

Spice up your hike with a geocache

Anywhere you go, you have your phone with you. Hiking? Yes.

So why not spice up your family hike with a phone-based geocache search on the way down?

In general, I don’t want to encourage you to use your phone on your hike. And relying on a phone connection to handle wilderness emergencies is dangerous, for lots of reasons. More about that in a future post.

But since you have the phone in your pocket, and you take hike photos with the sometimes annoying device, let’s make it useful.

Find out more about Geocaching in my previous post: Geocaching the Between Times.

Sign up for the free service — no reason for beginners to pay for the pro upgrade — at

Cohen finds a geocache on Rattlesnake Mountain.
Cohen finds a geocache on Rattlesnake Mountain near Willsboro, N.Y.

When you are planning your hike, see if there is a geocache on the route. There may be. Trailheads and summits attract geocachers.

If there is a cache on the trail, wait till you get to the top, have your lunch and relax, and then introduce the option. Looking for a cache will add interest to the way down.

No cache on your route? When you become an experienced cacher, you may want to come prepared with a cache to hide on the hike, giving some future hikers the chance to enjoy this nerdy hide-and-seek outdoors game. 

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