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A mountain lion in winter, but not in the Adirondacks.

No lion in our mountains, but our future?

Look around the Adirondacks and you find plenty of peaks and other natural features named for panthers, cougars, catamounts and lions. Are there big cats behind every tree and rock?

No, in fact the federal government last week moved the mythical Eastern Mountain Lion from protected status to extinct.

The last mountain lion in the Northeast was shot in Maine 80 years ago. You need to look decades earlier to find a time when the region last sustained a significant breeding population.

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The tiny ones are the real teachers.

Well said: “I’ve watched her push herself outside of her comfort zone to reach a goal. I’ve watched her little hands continue to hold on long after being torn and tired. I’ve watched her fail and get right back up like it never happened. I’ve watched her take the time to realize what she was doing isn’t working and find a way to make it work for her.”

Source: The tiny ones are the real teachers.